Our mission is provide timely, safe and economic logistic solution to all our customers and partners

  1. Timely:Keeping up with this ever-quickening product life cycle requires smart supply chain management. As a freight forwarder with proprietary customer brokerage, warehouses, trucks, we are able to adapt to all of our customers’ needs with great response speed and flexibility.
  2. Safe:Safe delivery is our sacred promise to all of our clients and partners. All of our staff, software and hardware is governed by a strict set of procedures that ensure safety in every part of the transportation service.
  3. Economic:we are the largest air master loader in Taiwan, with average monthly volume of more than 2000 tons. We are able to leverage the volume with airline to secure excellent rates and space, which we then deliver to our clients and partners.

Our vision is to become the most predictable and flexible supply chain management service provider in Taiwan.